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A.D.S. Systems Services: Driving Excellence in Transportation

1. Driver Placement Services

Quality Drivers: Having trouble finding quality drivers? We’ve got you covered. Our driver placement program ensures that we find and place drivers who meet your high standards.
60-Day Guarantee: We stand by our drivers. With our 90-day guarantee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our placed drivers are committed to excellence.

2. Orientation and Onboarding Services

First Impressions Matter: Driver orientation and onboarding are critical. We review your existing processes to ensure compliance and safety. A well-informed driver is a safe driver.
Recruiting Team Training: We can train your recruiting team on effective driver appeal and closing strategies. Let’s enhance your recruitment process.

3. Dispatch Service

Efficient Dispatch: Whether you’re an owner-operator, part of a fleet, or a truck investor, our dispatch service optimizes load assignments. We work on a percentage basis, ensuring the best-paying loads.
48-State Freight: We handle 53ft Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Step deck, and Specialized freight across all 48 states.

4. New Business Development Service

Lead Generation: A.D.S. Systems is your partner in creating new business opportunities. We focus on generating leads, making connections, and securing appointments with qualified prospects.
Relationship Building: Our goal is to foster new relationships that lead to sustainable business growth.

Let’s Drive Success Together

 We’re committed to excellence, no excuses—just great service!